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We think escape rooms are amazing, and love our games (of course), but don’t just take our word for it. See what our players have to say!

This was our first visit to an escape room and we all had a brilliant time! The room was atmospheric and the puzzles were well thought out and all different. Helpful hints were given to keep us on the right track when needed, but these were not intrusive, and if anything helped to keep the game moving. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and will definitely be back to try the other games that are in development now. Great day out in Ayr!

Definitely worth a visit!

Had such a wonderful experience here! My partner and I tackled both the Abandoned Academy & Smugglers rooms back to back and I genuinely loved both games! Lovely quality feel to the props, the puzzles were great fun and logical, and both rooms had an immersive atmosphere. The hosts were absolutely lovely and clearly passionate about what they do. Highly recommend!

A Wonderful Experience

Completed the ‘school room’ challenge with my daughter – managed to escape just in time; one of the best things I’ve ever done, it was great fun!

Absolutely Brilliant!!!

For the second day in a row we visited the Escape Room in Ayr. We never knew it was here but will be coming back every time we visit. An excellent activity for a family or group of friends. The hour passed so quickly and the rooms and story so well designed. Such a brilliant way to spend time together. Thoroughly recommend and can’t wait for our next visit!

Excellent family activity for all ages

The room has an enjoyable theme and really good decoration, to feel very immersive. Some local history is woven in, making it all the better without getting in the way of the puzzles.

These were a mixture of levels but the organiser provided hints in a timely way to ensure a good balance of fun and success for us! I visited with my 14 year old and 10 year old both of whom enjoyed themselves.

Will visit again!

Great theme, fun and atmospheric

Having played close to 50 escape games this is up there with the best, great atmospheric room with unique puzzles.

Unique Puzzles

Absolutely Brilliant Escape Rooms!!! Recommend VERY HIGHLY! We played the Smugglers game today and it was phenomenal. I’ve played a lot of Escape Rooms and this room was definitely in my all time favourites list! The attention to detail in the theming was second to none. The puzzles were unique, challenging and immensely varied making for a very entertaining game. I loved the various mechanics employed to make each puzzle unique while closely encapsulating the theme! What’s more is the Escape Rooms are dog friendly and allowed us to bring our four legged helper. The experience was further enhanced by the loveliest hosts! I’ll definitely be back very soon to tackle the Abandoned Academy!

Recommend VERY HIGHLY!

My friend & I had our first ever Escape Room experience yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the theme of trying to smuggle goods into Ayr Harbour. The game is very well thought out and Gregor who runs it was very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. It’s something different for a fun day out and although sadly we were “captured”, we can’t wait to go back and try again! We’ll also try the new room which opens soon. Highly recommend this.

Great Day Out

We had previously been to this review when it was under different ownership and it was great to come back and see all the improvements.

The reception area has had a makeover and is now more comfortable and welcoming, the team are very friendly and very focused on making sure you have a great time. We’ve played alot of rooms and know when a host is interested (and when they really dont care) and when they care about making your escape experience the best they can. Gregor and Toria are so passionate about their rooms and so keen to make your adventure wonderful that you become very enthused in the story during the game briefing.

We played the Smugglers room and we loved it, its a great mix of puzzles which allows everyone to contribute and get involved. The theming is excellent and is in keeping with the time period that the adventure is set in, and most importantly… everything worked!

We really cant recommend In Time Escape Rooms enough, we were welcomed, valued customers and we had a ball. We will definitely be travelling back to Ayr to visit the new room when it opens.

Loved it!

A hidden gem of an escape room

Absolutely fab wee night with the workies. Been to a few escape rooms around Scotland and this was one of the best. The owner/creator was so friendly and had a lovely chat with us afterwards. Clearly so passionate about what they do and loads of exciting additions in the pipeline. We will definitely be back

We will definitely be back