TRAPPED: The Art Heist


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Welcome to The Harrington Collection! An annual event to showcase a selection of art from the Harrington families private collection. Don’t get the wrong idea, you’re not here as normal guests. You have been personally invited by Charles Harrington, the youngest son of the Harrington family. Charles is upset that his family are not sharing their wealth and has asked you to steal one of their paintings. He has been discrete with the details but has hidden a series of puzzles around the room to help you identify the painting he wants you to steal. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone. Charles has convinced one of the employees at the exhibition to help you escape once you have the painting. Find the painting and identify the member of staff but be careful, don’t do anything that will raise suspicion!


Players: 2 – 6

Age: 8+ (Family Friendly)

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 60 – 120 mins


TRAPPED bridges the gap between board games and escape rooms. How? By turning any room into a family friendly escape room adventure!

The game has no board. Everything you need is provided in the box. Empty the contents and use the materials provided to turn one room in your home into your own immersive escape room experience. Packed with problems to solve and puzzles to crack, all you need to do is add your friends and family and escape the room!